We started taking people to rural, remote and mountain destinations more than 30 years ago.  We have been to every corner of New Zealand and back.

We go to any rural area, here are some great ideas for your next adventure:

Snow Skiing, Bike Trails, Mountain Bike Tracks, Sightseeing, Fishing, Hunting – anywhere you want to go!

Take a day trip! Be back in Auckland by 6pm.

A superb destination for skiing is on Mt Ruapehu where we have access to a private airfield at the base of Mt Ruapehu. 20 minutes after a 1 hour flight from Auckland you will be up the lift and gloriously skiing.

Another day out!

Great Barrier Island is a fantastic family or group destination. It’s all there – long, clean, white beaches; native bush walks; birds; surfing; fishing; hot springs; golf and more. We can organise you a hire car and map to tour the island.

Call us about prices, destination airfields and flight times – free phone 0800 222 123.

Take in the New Zealand countryside.

Get your family and mates together;  see rural areas to experience the outdoors or indoors if you fancy a country lodge for the night.

We offer 2 hours free waiting time, after that an hourly waiting fee applies during working hours. Overnight accommodation is charged for the pilot (or you may like to offer accommodation & meals).

More information

Here’s some more information on places you might like to make a flying visit to:

Our Planes:

9 passenger seats, twin engine, Britten Norman Islander, 125 knots / hour. Leave the roads, leave the traffic, view the magic and get yourself to a fantastic New Zealand rural or mountain destination.

We have four 10 seat twin engine aircraft at your disposal parked at Auckland International Airport.

Sky Taxi Cancellation Policy: No cancellation charge if cancelled 3 days prior to flight, $100 fee if cancelled 2 days or less prior to flight.