Seat Fares – Terms & Conditions

Check Booking Details:

  • You are responsible for checking and confirming your booking details are correct.
  • Contact Fly My Sky on 0800 222 123 immediately if any details are incorrect.

Covid19 – Face Masks:

  • Face Masks during Level 1 are mandatory for passengers 13years and over.

Check In:

  • Check In 45 minutes before departure.
  • Check In CLOSES 30minutes BEFORE departure.
  • Passengers not checked in at Close will miss the flight and forfeit their seat/fare(s).
  • Check contact page or your e-ticket details for airport locations.


  • Seat Only
  • Seat +10kg
  • Seat +23kg

All seats include additional 7kg carry on allowance.

Surfboards, Bicycles, Cats & Dogs

  • Shipped separately as freight
  • Do not form part of luggage allowance.
  • Check freight terms and conditions for pricing to ship these and other items.


  • More than 24 hours before departure
    • ‘Free’ to change or cancel + any difference in fare price when changing to a higher price fare.
  • Less than 24 hours before departure
    • $29/seat+ any difference in fare price when changing to a higher price fare.
  • Tickets cannot be changed, cancelled, or refunded after Check In has closed.


  • Any person 16 years old and over.


  • Any person 3 – 15 years old.


  • Any person 0–2 years and traveling on the lap of an Adult.
  • ‘Free’ when traveling on Adult’s lap, one Infant per Adult.
  • Two Infants per Adult requires that one infant travel as a ‘Child Fare’ and must travel in a car seat supplied by the passenger acceptable to the Operator.
  • Infants traveling ‘free’ do not have any Luggage Allowance.

Luggage Allowance:

  • Multiple bags are permitted and encouraged.
  • Maximum weight per bag not to exceed 16kg
  • Excess Luggage will be charged and will travel on the same flight or next available flight.
  • Luggage Allowance may be shared between passengers traveling under the same booking reference.
  • Infants traveling ‘free’ have no Luggage or Carry On Allowance.

Luggage Risk:

  • All Luggage travels at passenger’s risk, please ensure luggage is packed securely.
  • Laptops and fragile items are recommended to be carried in your carry on bag.

Dangerous Goods:

  • Dangerous Goods declaration is required by all Passengers & Consignors.
  • The Operator reserves the right to offload any items deemed a risk to passengers, aircraft and staff.

Credit Card Payment:

  • Visa/Mastercard payment available online, telephone and counter sales.
  • Amex/Diners Club payment available via telephone & counter sales only.

Liabilities & Responsibilities:

Fly My Sky shall not be liable for any loss of, or damage to, personal property.

Fly My Sky shall not be liable for any delay, disruption, or change in transport schedule or service.

Passengers may be liable for any damage they cause directly or indirectly to the aircraft, other passengers and third parties.

Carriage by air is subject to Conditions of Carriage, NZ laws, and proceedings for death or injury occurring by accident is excluded by the operation of the Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Act 1992 which provides limited statutory entitlements in replacement of common law rights of recovery.

In other cases Fly My Sky’s liability is limited to loss or damage sustained by customers as a result of its negligence or that of its employees and subject to the limitations imposed by Section 9B of the Civil Aviation Act.

Events beyond Fly My Sky’s reasonable control shall not incur liability to Fly My Sky in contract or in tort for any damage, loss, delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force-majeure or other events which are not preventable by reasonable diligence on Fly My Sky’s part, including but not limited to, war, civil disturbance, State of Emergency, fire, floods, atypical weather conditions, acts of God, acts of government or other authorities, accidents to or failure of machinery or equipment or industrial action.

For operational reasons Fly My Sky reserves the right to change, cancel or withdraw any bookings made for a passenger or decline to accept or retain any person on any flight.

If any portion of the above conditions is inconsistent with or breaches any applicable law, it shall be void and of no effect.

Provisions of the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 will not apply where the goods or services supplied are for business purposes.

Any claim arising out of the provision of services by Fly My Sky will be governed only by the laws of New Zealand.