• Carry on 7kg allowance per seat.
  • Luggage kg allowance as per the seat fare purchased.
  • Excess or oversized Luggage items are incurred at Priority Freight rates.


  • Envelopes & Parcels:
    • Flat rate of $5 (up to 1kg)
    • Delivery same day or next available flight
  • Priority Freight & Excess Luggage:
    • $2/kg, minimum charge $10 (5kg)
    • Delivery same day or next available flight
  • Standby Freight:
    • $1/kg. minimum charge $10 (10kg)
    • Delivery within 3 days
  • Oversized Freight:
    • Calculated by (cmL x cmW x cmH)/5,000 multiplied by either Priority or Standby Freight rate $/kg.
    • Example (20x50x100)/5000 x $2.00 = $40 ($40 as Priority Freight, or $20 as Standby Freight)

* Please, DO NOT order FROZEN food (e.g. ice cream) for shipping, it will have defrosted before arriving.

Address for freight:

Your Name, C/- Fly My Sky, Domestic Terminal

2 Andrew McKee Avenue, Auckland Airport 2022.

Please reference the destination airport/airfield in your consignee/customer address.

Dangerous Goods:

  • Dangerous Goods declaration required by all Passengers & Consignors.
  • The Operator reserves the right to offload any items deemed a risk to passengers, aircraft and staff.