Address for freight:

Auckland Airport: (Your Name), C/- Fly My Sky, Domestic Terminal,

2 Andrew McKee Avenue, Mangere 2150.

North Shore Airport: (Your Name), C/- Fly My Sky, Domestic Terminal,

270 Postman Road, Dairy Flat, North Shore 0794.

Sender name and contact details and Receiver name and contact details must be clearly labelled.


Freight must be suitably packaged for shipping, otherwise it will be refused.

Fly My Sky take all care but accept no liability for damage, freight at your own risk.

Unclaimed freight will be forfeited and disposed of after 3months.


Envelopes & Small Parcels (<1kg):

    • $5.00 per item less than 1kg
    • Delivery same day or next available flight (<24hours)

Standard Freight (>1kg):

    • $2/kg, minimum charge $10.00
    • Delivery same day or next available flight (<24hours)

Extra 15kg Bag(s):

    • $25/Extra Bag – Must be pre-purchased 24hrs before departure.
    • Takes priority over Excess Luggage.
    • No cancellations or refunds.

Excess Luggage:

    • $3/kg.

Surf & Kite Boards, & Bicycles:

    • $5/kg
    • Boards less than 1.2m may travel as part of baggage allowance.
    • Boards greater than 1.2m will ship as freight.
    • Must suitably packaged with no sharp edges (fins) exposed.
    • Dirty equipment, exposed bicycle chains etc will be declined.
    • Shipping will be on next available flight basis, space permitting.
    • Please deliver for shipping a few days in advance of travel so equipment can be shipped early.


Call 0800 222 123 to book.

    • Customers MUST supply own cage, please see maximum cage dimension limits below.
    • $3/kg including weight of cage.
    • Auckland Airport require animals to be in a cage inside the terminal at all times.


    • Fly My Sky does not provide cages.
    • Customer(s) must supply own cage appropriate for their animal.
    • Maximum dimensions for any cage are: 70cm(L) x 50cm(H) x 40cm(W).
    • Dogs must travel in a hard shell cage acceptable to Fly My Sky.
    • Cats may travel in a soft cage acceptable to Fly My Sky.

Booking Confirmation & Cost:

    • Animals must be booked/confirmed in advance of planned travel date.
    • Cost to ship is the total weight of cage + animal.
    • Weight of pet & cage is not part of luggage allowance, and is calculated and paid at check in.

Animals must be clean.  Dirty, smelly and unsettled animals will be refused shipping.

Do not feed your pet any food (except water) 6 hours prior to travel.


Dangerous Goods:

    • $3/kg, minimum charge $20.00
    • Subject to acceptance for shipping by Fly My Sky.
    • Dangerous Goods declaration required by all Passengers & Consignors.
    • The Operator reserves the right to offload any items deemed a risk to passengers, aircraft and staff.

Oversized Freight:

    • Calculated in cm (L x W x H)/5,000 x $2.00.
    • Example (20cm x 50cm x 100cm)/5000 x $2.00 = $40