• All seats come with 7kg carry on allowance.
  • Additional luggage allowance as per the seat fare purchased.
  • Excess or oversized items are subject to standard freight charges

Food and beverage boxes traveling with a passenger will have priority over all other other freight.


  • Volumetric weight of $2/kg with a minimum charge of $10 (5kg).
    • Calculated by actual weight x $2.00, or
    • (LxWxH)/5,000 (measured in cm) x $2.00
  • Food & Beverage* boxes are $8/box with a max weight of 15kg/box.

* Food & Beverage boxes, when unaccompanied by a passenger, will ship after all other freight and luggage.

* Please, DO NOT order FROZEN food (that includes ice cream) for shipping, it will have defrosted before arriving.


Address for freight:

Your Name, C/- Fly My Sky, Domestic Terminal

2 Andrew McKee Avenue, Auckland Airport 2022.

Countdown website lets customers order groceries packed in a food box and delivered direct to Fly My Sky.

Please reference the destination airport/airfield in your consignee/customer address.

Fly My Sky’s standard Terms and Conditions apply to all Freight and Luggage.