Address for freight:

Your Name, C/- Fly My Sky, Domestic Terminal

2 Andrew McKee Avenue, Auckland Airport 2150.

Please reference the destination airport/airfield in your consignee/customer address.

Please, DO NOT order FROZEN food (e.g. ice cream) for shipping, it will have defrosted before arriving.


Envelopes & Small Parcels (<1kg):

    • $5.00 per item less than 1kg
    • Delivery same day or next available flight (<24hours)

Standard Freight (>1kg):

    • $2/kg, minimum charge $10.00
    • Delivery same day or next available flight (<24hours)

Extra 15kg Bag(s):

    • $25/Extra Bag – Must be pre-purchased 24hrs before departure.


Excess Luggage:

    • As per Standard Freight

Surf & Kite Boards, & Bicycles:

    • $5/kg
    • All equipment must be clean, dirty equipment will be declined for freighting.
    • Shipping will be on next available flight, space permitting.
    • Please deliver for shipping a few days in advance of travel so equipment can be shipped early.
    • Boards less than 1.2m may travel as part of baggage allowance, boards greater than 1.2m will ship as freight at $5/kg.

Cats & Dogs:

Call 0800 222 123 to book.

    • Customers MUST supply own cage, please see cage dimension limits below.
    • $3/kg including weight of cage.
    • Please note – Auckland Airport require animals to be in a cage inside the terminal at all times.


    • Fly My Sky does not provide cages.
    • Customer(s) must supply own cage appropriate for their animal.
    • Maximum dimensions for any cage are: 70cm(L) x 50cm(H) x 40cm(W).
    • Dogs must travel in a solid hard shell cage acceptable to Fly My Sky.
    • Cats may travel in a soft cage acceptable to Fly My Sky.

Booking Confirmation & Cost:

    • Animals must be booked/confirmed in advance of planned travel date.
    • Cost to ship is the total weight of cage and animal.
    • Weight of pet & cage is not part of luggage allowance, and is calculated and paid at check in.

Animals must be clean.  Dirty, smelly and unsettled animals will be refused shipping.


Dangerous Goods:

    • $3/kg, minimum charge $20.00
    • Subject to acceptance for shipping by Fly My Sky.
    • Dangerous Goods declaration required by all Passengers & Consignors.
    • The Operator reserves the right to offload any items deemed a risk to passengers, aircraft and staff.

Oversized Freight:

    • Calculated in cm (L x W x H)/5,000 x $2.00.
    • Example (20cm x 50cm x 100cm)/5000 x $2.00 = $40