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Environment and Conservation

Fly My Sky is committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe in Responsible Tourism business practices and we provide our employees with a framework and forum in which to continuously enhance this aspect of managing the business.

Our Vision is to become recognized in New Zealand and globally, as a general aviation leader in destination conservation. Our conservation strategy will be aligned to the Great Barrier Island Conservation Estate.

Our Mission is to identify and work with other organizations wishing to support Responsible Tourism. We will create a leading Responsible Tourism Community around us to support our efforts and who will also be enthusiastically practicing continuous improvement.

What do we do now?

  • We maintain optimum fuel and engine management and measure our results
  • We assist DOC and Auckland Council to control the spread of pests in the Hauraki Gulf region
  • We fly injured birds and animals to veterinary support and/or sanctuary
  • We create educational opportunities in support of endangered birds, and other species, for the public and for ourselves to learn
  • We support the Great Barrier Island community in many of their environment and conservation learning and projects
  • Our operational and business risk is managed with a program of risk mitigation
  • We survey our passengers to find out their environment and conservation priorities, to check we align
  • We adhere to our work environment’s waste management processes
  • We have an aircraft restoration program in place

Directors, Senior Persons and team at Fly My Sky